About me...

In love with photography since I was a child, I always liked capturing the unrepeatable moment, what the eye does not see.1554137047-87164.jpg

Reflect the essence of what I have in front of me and make it look like what I see, that is my main objective.

My favorite format is to photograph people, of all kinds, in all situations, to capture that expression that reflects it and makes it unique. It does not matter how much time I have to spend to get it.

I also have the firm conviction that a good photograph is the result of the sum of many factors, it is not all the merit of the photographer. It is very important the work of the models, the hairdresser, the makeup, the assistants .. they all add up to achieve a good photography or session.

And of course the material equipment that is available, invest in good optics, lighting equipment and all the accessories that help achieve a good result, is one of my priorities.

But that's not all, as a good lover of photography, I'm always experimenting, training and learning new things. That's why I also practice night photography, landscapes, travel, etc.

. You can see a sample of it in the photographs that are in the gallery "my stuff"

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